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The Restore Fairness campaign believes that all individuals should be entitled to basic human rights.  Unfortunately, in the aftermath of 9-11, our country has seen a steady erosion of basic human rights with some of our laws denying basic due process to thousands of people in the United States, and many policies discriminating against people on the basis of national origin, race, religion, or citizenship.
Join the movement to demand that our government upholds the human rights of all people by bringing back fairness and due process to the immigration system.
Become an Ally by signing the pledge below to do what you can to restore fairness, and you may be featured on our homepage. Your actions can stop the erosion of our fundamental human rights.

Sign the Pledge

I pledge to do what I can to bring back fairness and due process to the immigration system by calling on Congress to: 
1.  Restore the ability of immigration judges to consider individual circumstances, so everyone receives a fair day in court

2.  Create legally enforceable detention standards and implement cost effective alternatives to detention

3.  Stop indiscriminate raids and the continued use of local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law

4.  End racial profiling through passage of the "End Racial Profiling Act" and revise the June 2003 DOJ guidance on racial profiling to make it more comprehensive